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What do we stand for

Helping Cumbria build back better from Covid in a way that’s ground-breaking, innovative and above all, beneficial to both investors and our communities.

We know Cumbria has a lot going for it:

  • our lead in Clean Energy and Engineering,

  • our World Heritage Status as a tourist destination,

  • fantastic farming and produce,

  • hard-working communities and a culture of resilience.

Cumbria is a great place to invest, live and work.


Given the challenging economic outlook, the next round of investments will be hard fought – particularly those involving public money – and winning will require a distinct competitive edge, both for the host community and for the investor.


We believe creating a winning edge will only come from aligning commercial and community interests: shaping and implementing major investments in a way that builds confidence, entrepreneurship, self-reliance and sustainable social value for all our people now, and for future generations; tackling and reducing inequality in our communities.


Put simply, we want to attract the best commercial
developments to Cumbria.


Developments that deliver:

extraordinary returns for the investor


incredible social and economic value for all our communities across the county.

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