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How we work

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Meet & greet

  • "Get to know you" session

  • Share NDAs and documents


  • Agree a budget we can work with

  • Run some informal workshops with the potential investor and appropriate Alliance members

  • Agree Social Value objectives & timelines

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Investigate & evaluate

  • Working groups to identify the Social Value requirements that meet investor and community needs

  • Facilitate informal sessions between investor, business and local authority representatives to understand mutual areas of interest (and potential conflict)


  • “Deep Dive” community research, exploring social value outcomes from resident and local business perspectives


  • Social Value Landscape Report preparation


  • Workshop sessions to discuss, debate and agree on Social Value Strategy

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Deliver & report

  • Detailed Social Value Plan. Sessions facilitated to discuss and reach an agreement


  • Third sector funders and delivery partners engaged, briefed  and invited to input on relevant areas


  • Community engagement strategy and plan agreed to ensure Social Value Proposals are supported and delivered as promised


  • Social Value Strategy and Plan signed off for inclusion in the investor's proposal


  • Addendum to The Cumbrian Investment Charter formalised, specific to the investor, detailing the Social Value Plan (if appropriate)


  • Draft social contracts prepared for suppliers, detailing social value specifics

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